The name Regalame came to be because of the quaint way Costa Ricans have of asking for something you have. "Regalame su sombrilla, por favor". This literally means, "Make a gift of your umbrella to me, please". How can you refuse? And it is a perfect name for a gift shop and art gallery.

Regalame is a part of Hotel Si Como No in Manuel Antonio. We are 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) from Quepos headed to the National Park and 3 kilometers from the park itself. Manuel Antonio National Park enjoys national and international tourism, as it is truly one of the best parks in Costa Rica boasting many animals and three beautiful beaches.

Regalame was born of an idea that there should be a gallery and gift shop showing only products made in Costa Rica here in Manuel Antonio. We took a lot of time and energy the first three years finding the wood, ceramic and pottery craftspeople. Painters were a little harder to find but with perseverance and a real love of art we managed to assemble some of the finest and most popular artists living in Cost Rica.

Most of the artists have become good friends and so we are constantly in touch with their changes and evolutions concerning their work, it’s exciting to learn from them and represent them here.

The gallery opened in 1997 and has enjoyed great success due to the artist’s work and the dedicated staff’s steadfast belief in the products of their beautiful country. We eventually took over an entire building that used to house four different businesses and haven’t looked back.

Regalame added a web site to the parent site of Si Como No and Green hotels in 2005 and again have had success. This allows you to go home and think about the painting you saw and revisit it through the web and make a comfortable decision in the comfort of your own home.

The jewelry was the last added item to our inventory and we have the very popular LA Cano line of reproduced Pre Columbian pieces made of silver and bronze plated with 24 carat gold. All the pieces have special meaning such as the frog means, health, wealth and fertility. A turtle means long life.

From there we added silver, pearls, and pieces made of the local animals, monkeys, birds, butterfly and sloths to name a few.

The beautiful woods available in Costa Rica have enabled some of our art to be in that medium. Artists who have embraced the idea of sustainable development create pieces from fallen wood rather than taking down a perfectly healthy tree, they are saving their heritage.

For the best Costa Rica has to offer in wood, ceramics, art and paintings think of Regalame… make a gift of it to me.


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